I’m sorry for this but I just need the floor. I need to freaking talk because, damn I’m close to an emotional breakdown over the movie I just watched.

I just watched ‘12 Years A Slave’. To say it was utterly heart wrenching would be an understatement. But Micheal Fassbender’s, Edwin Epps was so damn convincing, it was hard to me to look at the actor without thinking him to be cruel and twisted. I mean, not for a single moment in that film did I remember that he was an actor. He was so incredible and if he doesn’t get an Oscar then I’m leaving this planet.

Chiwetel Ejiofor in his portrayal of Solomon was impeccable. His emotions were so raw and so REAL. He forced my emotions to mirror his own. I didn’t think of him as an actor playing Solomon, I saw him AS Solomon. And he deserves the Oscar for his unbelievable performance. Because that’s what acting is all about right? Make it real. And he truly did.

Lupita Nyong’o portrayal as Patsey was as amazing as the other two actors in this film. She deserves every award that is in store for her. Amazing acting, seriously. Even if it bothered me at the end that there was no closure with her character. I get attached to characters and if I don’t know what happens to them, I get anxiety. Right now, I’m making up an ending for Patsey in my head.

Seriously, I don’t ever ‘blog’ about films I watch. I usually just reblog pictures or gifs. But I just had to talk about this, and even if no one reads this, typing it makes me feel better. Because ‘12 Years A Slave’ is the kind of movie that moves you so indescribably, that you need to talk about it. Even if it’s to yourself. It was hard to watch at times, as it should have been. It’s a masterpiece, honestly. And they actors fulfilled their roles in the highest respects. God, this movie. I can’t.

I just want to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s shlong.

Finally done with work! I have to go put my chickens away, take a shower with Ben, get in bed with Ben, have nasty hot fun with Ben, have some more nasty hot fun with Ben, have Ben text Martin so he can join our nasty hot fun, have a hot threesome with Ben and Martin, get in the shower again, get nasty in there, send Martin away with cookies, and fall asleep together exhausted and satisfied.

Cheers for being inappropriate!!!

"I’ve done some crazy stuff in my time, and yet I can feel infinitely alive curled up on a sofa reading a book." -Benedict Cumberbatch


Favorite Things About Benedict Cumberbatch #3
His Ever-Changing-Colored Eyes<3
  • Favorite Things About Benedict Cumberbatch #3
  • His Ever-Changing-Colored Eyes<3

The trailer I made for my BBC Sherlock fanfiction ‘Challenge’. Had a lot of fun with it :) Hope you enjoy!!

click here to read :)

Favorite Things About Benedict Cumberbatch #2
His Expressive Eyebrows
  • Favorite Things About Benedict Cumberbatch #2
  • His Expressive Eyebrows
Seriously though, Sherlock fandom is the fucking BEST.

I’ve never seen a more creative, hilarious and dedicated bunch.